Motorcycle Lifts

July 10, 2008

The following article was published in the July 2008 issue of Motorcycle Industry Magazine.


NORCO Industries introduced two new motorcycle lifts: the 777D manual lift and the 787D air lift, announced Ken Siverts VP Sales/ Brand Manager. "Our lifts allow the user to be seated upright while cleaning and polishing the bike. The user won’t be suffering back pain that comes from using the small coaster lifts that consumers typically use for the same purpose,” described Siverts. He added, “The manual version of the lift gives the operator a unit with less cost but the same working height of the more expensive air/hydraulic version.”

He told us, "many of NORCO's dealers are selling these lifts to consumers, while also using them in their service bays. Consumers are always looking for quality and are sick of using cheap, non-repairable stands," noted Siverts. "Far too many Dealers are doing far too much complaining instead of looking for other items to sell when bike sales get slow," he told us adding, "While there may not be as many bikes sold per customer store visit, owners should be looking for other items with which to capture a window shopper's interest." During the last decade the industry has seen exceptional motorcycle new unit sales, Siverts continued, and all those bikes will eventually end up needing maintenance and repair work and, with older bikes being in service longer, it means a great opportunity for equipment sales for those bikes.

Because this is a new product, sales have steadily increased, he divulged. Siverts reminded stores to think of the needs of the consumer. “You’ve got to ask the right questions to find out their needs. Far too many salesmen just start selling before they even know if the prospective customer is even interested…

"Listen more and you’ll sell more” he explained.