Did You Know?

Think Safety!

We provide operating instructions on the proper and safe use of all of our products.

Far too often, when people receive some new equipment, they just unpack it and put it to use without even looking at the operating instructions or warnings. I know that you've been told this before, but you should REALLY take time to read them!

Included in those operating instructions are cautions or "warnings" related to the operation of the equipment. These are provided to help keep you safe!

  The "wrong way" isn't always this obvious!
The "wrong way" isn't always this obvious!

For example, just two of the many warnings in our manuals about safe lifting include:

  • Chock load to prevent vehicle movement.
  • Use stands on a hard level surface capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle on the stands' legs.

Most of you who read this will say, "Hey Siverts, that's obvious!"
They are just common sense, right? WRONG! Take a look at the following video.
Watch what happened when these 14 guys didn’t take the time to “Think Safety!



OK... now that I've got your attention, please take a few moments to look at the wide variety of safety stands that NORCO offers. When you’re lifting, use stands!

Whether you need ratcheting stands, pin-stands, in 3 ton to 22 ton, all NORCO stands are covered by our exclusive NORCO Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Remember folks, above all, Think Safety! Your life depends on it. And as those guys in the video proved, the vehicle you’re working on may depend on it too!


For more information, please contact me at ksiverts@norcoind.com